Spirit Updates

“Rites of Passage” Review

Hello Everyone,
On Monday 9th May a delightful high-energy group gathered at Anahata Therpies in Mosman, Sydney to learn how to bring more ritual into our everyday lives.
What a special evening we all enjoyed – lots of fun and laughter combined with the more formal aspects of the ritual process. It was a delight for me to be amongst such interested and motivated souls who fielded great questions and examples of their own rituals and celebrations.

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And now Japan… How we can Help

Hello Everyone,

Please join with me as we send all our loving thoughts and prayers of support to those in Japan who have been devastated by the violent earthquake which was followed by the most massive Tsunami.

When you read this please take a deep in-breath and tune into the energy of those who have lost loved ones, been hurt and are in shock. If we all spend just a moment to focus our healing thoughts in their direction we can, and will, make a difference.

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Rites of Passage Evening Event – May 9th

Hello Everyone,
After an amazing evening of great energy, insight and fun for our “Sell Out ” Reincarnation Lecture and Meditation at Anahata Therapies in Sydney, I am pleased to announce my next evening ” Rites of Passage” planned for Monday 9th May 2011.

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Christchurch Earthquake Disaster

Hlello Everyone,

This is a heartfelt plea to you all to please join with me in sending our thoughts , prayers and love to the people of Christchurch and Lyttelton, who today suffered a massive and devastating earthquake that has caused so much damage , injury and loss of life.

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Reincarnation and Past Life Lecture and Meditation

Next Evening Monday 9th May – Details coming soon.

You are invited to join Ruth Phillips – Clairvoyant –Medium, Past life Therapist, Teacher, Healer and Colour Therapist for an exclusive evening of exploration at Anahata.

Ruth will discuss the process of reincarnation, our choices for this lifetime and “past” lives, clues as to when and where we have had other lifetimes and how to recognise those who are in our reincarnational group or family.

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Thank You – One and All

Thank you Everyone who joined in the most powerful and loving meditation this evening, Australian time.

The power of combined energy is never to be underestimated.

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The Queensland Floods – A Call to Meditate as ONE

Now, more than ever, as a global community we need to gather our thoughts and prayers to assist those who are suffering on every level.

Please accept my invitation to join in a collective, synchronised Meditation as ONE global community of connected beings who all live under the same sun and breathe the air of this beautiful planet.

The timing for this huge group Meditation is
Friday 14th January at 9.00 pm (2100 hrs) Australian Eastern Summer Time ( UTC 10.00 am) for a concentrated period of 15 minutes.

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Happy New Year 2011

Happy New Year Everyone, Last night – amongst family and friends we watched the Sydney fireworks over the harbour from a gorgeous vantage spot in

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