“Speaking with Spirit” Evening – a wondrous time

The “Speaking with Spirit ” evening at Anahata Therapies the other evening was such a lovely time for us all. We connected with others who share interests and an understandng of what it is to be human and feel the pain of loss and the joy of  knowing how we transcend the process called “death”.
For those, like myself, who realise that there is no death, but a transformation between one state of ‘being” and another, the evening was a wonderful experience and a chance to feel emotionally supported. We had many highs  throughout our shared time  but the primary joy for me was to see those whom I knew had lost loved ones themselves, assist and help others who were still in grief, by a loving word or touch  to show they understood. How gracious and majestic we all are when given the opporutnity to show our love in an unconditional way.
We were also graced by the presence of many unseen beings and spiritual support who aided us. These beings  are evidenced by the beautiful photographs that one of our group kindly took. Tameera has captured the orbs in the pictures below that show the spiritual energy of those who reside in other dimensions and who were there as well to bring their knowledge and understanding to the evening.
Look at the upper right hand side of this photo and you will see the orb.
                            And the same orb shown again in this photo ….
Another of the attendees wrote the email below from his heart which he has generously allowed me to share:
Dear Ruthie and  Jana,
 I would like to thank you both for a wonderful evening last night. It was a great opportunity to be able to take a step out of my “normal life” and transcend into my “real life”.
 Being surrounded with so many like minded and selfless souls was refreshing and rejuvenating especially after the hectic schedule of the last few months.
 This morning I awoke with a clearer picture of the future and a tranquility within that is amazing.
 I commend you both for what you are doing and for what you have created, I would like to think that one day I or we could introduce these wonderful experiences to more men.
 May God bless you both.
 Yours Sincerely
 Josiph Alvaro  |  CEO”


May we all have future opportunities like this last evening to find our way “home”
Blessings to you All, 


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