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I'm Ruth.

I am Ruth Phillips – a clairvoyant-medium with my head in Heaven, and my feet on Earth.

I meet with people who are already on a Spiritual path who seek guidance on their life journey and higher purpose.

In my consultations I use a mix of spiritual tools to guide you, and these include: clarivoyance, spiritual communication, past-life therapy and lifepath counselling. No two sessions are the same – each consultation is unique and personalised to your individual needs.

The focus is to help you heal and grow spiritually. My goal is to show you the potential of your life and how you can take personal responsibility for manifesting that for yourself. That’s why you’ll find my sessions are less about prediction and more about creating who you were meant to be. 

As a spiritual person already, you know you have the love and support of spirit. That’s why I would rather spend my time helping you become your best spiritual self, rather than proving yet again that Spirit exists.

To help me with this, I am guided by my own spiritual support, who help me see your life from a fresh perspective – how it could be.

When you experience a consultation with me, you’ll find a peaceful and calming presence surrounding you as I focus on your questions and spiritual needs. 

Ruthie is truly grounded with much compassion to help your heart heal.

Carine W.

Life-changing insights are just an appointment away.

My personal sessions are held remotely through Skype, or in Bath, Somerset (UK)

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My desire is to bring peace and comfort to you in grief by giving survival evidence of your loved ones continued Spiritual life, and love for you.

Things are playing out virtually as you said. I listened to the recording of your reading and it was all there word for word... you’re so amazing.


Common questions

Here are some of the questions people commonly ask me.

A one hour In-Person, Zoom or FaceTime session, which includes MP3 and MP4 recordings is AUD$185 or GBP £90
Yes, you may book a reading by phone but please keep in mind that you will bear the cost of this call and that may be prohibitive.  Why not consider a Zoom or FaceTime session – which is free to use? 
For those who live within driving distance, my In-Person sessions are held at my premises in Bath, Somerset, UK.  Once you have a confirmed booking, the address and directions will be given to you. 
If you are planning a visit to the UK from overseas and would like to visit me in person in Bath then please give me as much notice as possible and I would be delighted to see you and will do my best to fit you while you are in England. 
I often suggest that in the time between making your booking and your actual appointment it is a good idea to jot down your questions as they occur to you. 
That way we ensure that we cover all those areas in your session. 
At the time of your Zoom or FaceTime appointment please try and make sure you are in a quiet, private space where you won’t be interrupted. 
It is preferable for your laptop or tablet to be on a stable base so you can be hands-free. This prevents me from getting motion sickness from device movement,  and you are able to fully relax and enjoy your session.
One of the main jobs of any good medium is to provide what we call “survival evidence”. This amounts to information from, and about, the soul in spirit who is communicating – which can include a combination of things like a description of them as they would be recognised by you, details of their personality, events in their life, hobbies, interests, which side of the family they are on (eg mothers or fathers side) and often details of significance to them or you. 
Once you recognise and know who it is that is coming through, then the messages are passed on – so you may be confident in the veracity of the information. 
For me, this is always an interesting part of my work as I do not have any control over who comes through. Sometimes it is the least likely person who makes an initial appearance, or it can be someone who has passed over before you were born. Or it can even be someone with whom you may not have had an ideal relationship. They have their own reasons for wanting to communicate with you through me. Quite often a grandparent may open the door to communicate so others can then enter the conversation. 
At times, rather than a relative who has passed, it may be your Angelic Community who wish to speak to you, or your Soul Family and your Spiritual support. 
Clients often ask me for my predictions about their future, to which I reply that they have the power to manifest whatever they desire in their life as they have Free Will.  
I am able see the paths ahead and the various infinite possibilities for you so there my be a predictive element to the session but it is not the main focus. However, some events are stronger in energy than others so these may well show up in the session for you. 
Your session will be all about you, your path in life and how your spiritual support can assist you in creating the life you desire through their healing and manifesting assistance. 
No two sessions are the same – and everyone receives what Spirit knows they need on the day. I also encourage you to ask as many questions as you like during the time we are together.
Most of my clients have a one -off session to communicate with loved ones who have passed over and to help process their grief or to deal with a particular issue or situation in their life at the time. 
Some people going through great change, and who have many questions,  book a follow-up session a few months after their first.
I encourage a period of time to process the first session in order to integrate the healing and information from their first session.
Many clients have been seeing me annually for well over 20 years. Just as you might see your health professional for a regular “check up.”
I don’t encourage regular weekly or monthly sessions. I wouldn’t be doing my role correctly if you needed to keep coming back to me to check every decision or constantly try to have me communicate with your  loved one in spirit.
My role, I feel, is to give you the tools with which to establish your own connection to your spiritual support and to have the confidence in your own abilities to create the life you desire. 

Spirit Updates

I want to sincerely thank you for my reading. It has really given me so much peace of mind and started the process of healing.