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Australia’s Top Clairvoyant-Medium

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Ruthie PhillipsRuth Phillips has been working in the spiritual arena for over 25 years and is one of Australia’s leading Clairvoyant – Mediums. Ruth connects with the Spirit realms and passes on loving messages, bringing comfort, healing and a sense of peace to those grieving for loved-ones. Her depth of connection and compassion ensures that the messages from her psychic readings have the highest truth and integrity.

In addition to her work as a Clairvoyant-Medium, Ruth is an Advanced Aura-Soma Colour Therapist, Spiritual Healer, Feng Shui practitioner, Past Life Therapist, Spiritual Life Path Counsellor and Teacher. Those who see Ruth for a personal session know that they are held in a space of complete love and non-judgement to assist their healing process.

Personal Consultations

Ruth offers individual consultations in Mosman, Sydney Australia for those already on a spiritual path, and those who wish for  guidance on both their life’s journey and their higher purpose.
For her interstate and International clients Ruth offers one hour personal Skype sessions.

  • Clairvoyance – Ruth’s psychic ability to “See Clearly” into other dimensions gives her the connection to your akashic records and helps identify your purpose in this lifetime
  • Spirit Communication – Using her innate gifts as a Medium Ruth receives messages for you from your loved ones who have passed over into Spirit
  • Lifepath Counselling– Using her unique way of seeing the path ahead Ruth is able to advise you on the “Higher Path”

Readings with Ruthie Phillips

Spiritual Workshops & Events

Ruth regularly conducts events, workshops and seminars in Australia, New Zealand, and England for all those on a path of spiritual discovery. Ruth currently holds evening events and conducts one day workshops in Mosman, Sydney.

Some of her popular workshops are:

  • Angels Amongst Us -The Angelic Realms
  • Dowsing with Pendulums – One-day Dowsing Workshops, learn the basic skills which will enable you to utilise the ancient art of dowsing
  • Living Magically – Learn how to harness the Universal Laws of Attraction and bring change into your life
  • Understanding the Language of Colour
  • Visiting the Spiritual Realms
  • “Christmas Spirit” – the sell-out annual Festive Season event

Clairvoyant Readings and Spiritual Workshops Mosman

Clairvoyant-Medium Readings

Ruth is an exceptionally gifted Clairvoyant Medium who inherited her ability to connect with her clients spiritual essence and give accurate and honest readings. Her desire is to bring peace and comfort to those in grief by giving them survival evidence of their loved ones continued Spiritual life and love for them

  • Contacting family and friends who have passed over is one of Ruth’s specialties
  • Past Life Therapy – as part of a personal consultation Ruth tunes into any appropriate lifetimes that may be impacting on this life, thereby assisting recognition of any issues that may need to be addressed
  • Ruth focuses her gifts of clairvoyance on assisting her clients to heal and grow spiritually
  • Ruth offers a unique combination of insight and esoteric knoweldge that is tailored individually to each person she consults

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Sydney Clients please CALL 0415 412 845 

Interstate and international Clients please Email