Spirit Updates

Blessings and Feasts

Hello Everyone,

Well, it is almost time for my journey/pilgrimage to begin- but before I take flight I wanted to share with you a couple of wondrous experiences I have had of late.
Recently my dear friend and colleague , Jana, has opened a beautiful Goddess healing and therapy centre called Anahata Therapies and to launch them on their journey they held a special Puja – a Hindu Blessing.

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Mothers’ Day May 2010

Hello and Welcome,

Here in Australia we are about to celebrate Mothers’ Day. Obviously this is a day set aside to honour mothers and their selfless efforts to nurture and support their children ( of all ages) .

For all women this is a day that can be one of very mixed emotions.

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April Full Moon

Hello and Welcome Everyone,

The full moon is shining brightly through the window as I type this to you all.

As is usual for me at Full Moon, I find myself up in the wee small hours – the strong vibration of the Moon usually wakes me.
The time of Full Moon is the high tide of psychic powers and abilities, with many of us experiencing perceptions and divinations that are very powerful.

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Mediums Mosman

Ruth Phillips has been working in the spiritual arena for over 25 years in Mosman Sydney and is one of Australia’s leading Clairvoyant – Mediums. Ruth

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Planetary Energy Shifts

The month of March heralds the official beginning of autumn for the southern hemisphere and spring for the northern. This change of season brings with it a shift in energy and many of you may be feeling a little out of kilter at this time.

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Buying and Selling Your Castle

Hello Everyone,

Well February has already shown itself to be a month full of real estate transactions. Many of my clients and friends are selling, buying, or both.

The Sydney ”Un”- Real Estate Market has surged back again after the financial downturn and my energy clearing work has been non-stop as a result.

One of the major factors I have found to be a stumbling block for a house sale is not necessarily the house itself but the occupants – both present and previous.

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January 2010 ~News of Evening of Spirit Communication

Hello Everyone and a special Welcome if you are a first time visitor to our new – look website.
Before 2010 begins in earnest, I have already begun the planning for my year’s schedule of teaching and public events. To that end I am happy to announce that my first evening of Spirit Communication will be held in Cremorne on Monday 1st March 2010.

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