The Launch of Colour Alignment

Hello Everyone,

My BIG news for this post is the Launch of a new  Colour Therapy called


“Colour Alignment” brings into being a new  Colour Therapy in the form of a boxed set of colour cards and an accompanying booklet.

The Colour Alignment Cards are the inspired creation of myself  and Gale Pickles.

We are both fully qualified colour therapists and teachers with over 35 years combined experience in the world of colour.

The Colour Alignment Cards and Invocations unlock the hidden mysteries of colour on all levels,where the colours all around you take on a clarity and depth of perception previously unknown.

Colour Alignment was born of the Light, shining brightly.

 Gale and I have the vision  to bring a new way of shining a light on colour and all its attributes and to make colour knowledge accessible to everyone.

Many years ago, I channeled from Spirit the Invocations to the Colour Rays. From these Invocations  Gale and I were inspired to create the set of 22 colour cards.

By accessing ancient colour wisdom through the cards, and through the power of the invocations, you are able to gain understanding of yourself, your gifts, your life path, and your challenges.

Colour has a special language all of its own which opens doorways for us to see things more clearly or lucidly. Through the Colour Alignment Cards and the accompanying booklet we endeavour to inspire you on the first step, of learning this magical language.

We will be conducting Workshops and training to help everyone gain knowledge of colour and how it can be used to further your understanding of yourself and others .

Our first workshop is  on Sunday 11th September and places are filling fast.

For more information about Colour Alignment and to register for a workshop please visit the Colour Alignment Website

(or vist the “Workshops” page of this website for more details).
Our website is a dynamic and colourful feast for the eyes – please visit us and see for yourself.

I know that you will find it as exciting as we do.

Love and very Colorful Light to you all,


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