Buying and Selling Your Castle

"Your Home is Your Castle"

Hello Everyone,

Well February has already shown itself to be a month full of real estate transactions. Many of my clients and friends are selling, buying, or both.

The Sydney ”Un”- Real Estate Market has surged back again after the financial downturn and my energy clearing work has been non-stop as a result.

 One of the major factors I have found to be a stumbling block for a house sale is not necessarily the house itself but the occupants – both present and previous. Often there is someone either currently living in the house, or an owner who once lived there and has passed over, who is “hanging on “ to the property.

As vendors, we can assist the sale of our home by getting all occupants to agree on the sale prior to listing and joining together in thanking the home for the shelter, nurturing and happy times we have enjoyed within it. Then, either all the occupants or one person, may stand in the centre of the house, or the Chi energy spot (the hearth of the home) and lovingly release it to the Universe for the perfect new custodians at the perfect moment and perfect price.

Many times there are “old” custodians who do not want new people in their house so they can resist all attempts to purchase or sell a home that is, in effect, “haunted”. Unless you have spiritual vision and are skilled in this work I do suggest you seek expert assistance for this type of Spiritual House clearing. It is surprising just how quickly a home will sell once the old energies are assisted in releasing the home. Negative attachments that have wandered in on tenants or visitors can also affect a sale so do be aware that the room you do not like to relax in may have a negative energy or entity within. The good news is that this can be fixed.

So getting the agent and the stylist and the marketing and the cleanliness right is vital for a sale – but the spiritual cleanliness can make or break the deal.

If you are interested in spiritual house clearings and need assistance then please contact me through the website [email protected] or phone 0415 412 845

A google search for ‘house clearings- spiritual” will also yield a number of other highly qualified practitioners.

For those of you in the midst of selling or buying – “ Blessings Be on You and Yours as you move forward.”   

With Love and Light,


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