Awaken 2023 – Messages from Spirit


Awaken 2023 – Messages from Spirit 

It has now been two years since we began our Awaken Meetups and in that time we have grown into a lovely, supportive, like-minded Tribe of Light.

The first of our Awaken events this year will be open to everyone who has an interest in either spirituality, spirit communication, ascension, raising consciousness and awareness, spiritual development, service to others, or all of the above.

Following on from our popular Spiritual Midwifery Workshop late last year, my own spiritual guidance has requested that this first Awaken Meetup of 2023 should commence with a channelled message for the group from the Ascended Masters, Angelic Community and/or the Higher Realms, followed by personal messages from spirit for as many of those attending as we can manage in the allocated time.

This Zoom gathering will be an online opportunity for you to perhaps receive a message from a beloved soul who has passed over and to feel the loving healing these messages can give. 

It will be my honour, as a Medium, to pass on messages from loved ones in Spirit to as many of our event attendees as we can. (Time permitting) I always marvel at how a simple message can confirm the eternal existence of the soul.


More often than not, our loved ones tell us of everyday things that we are currently experiencing to prove that they are still with us and watching over us.

This Zoom Mediumship event will also cover how you can connect with your loved ones yourself, how to ask for their help and how to request confirmation and their guidance. 

In this one and a half hour Zoom meeting there will be plenty of opportunity for questions throughout our event and you will be sent the event recording afterwards.

This Awaken 2023 – Messages from Spirit 
Zoom online workshop will be on Wednesday 1st March
starting at 

London 09:00hrs GMT / Sydney 20:00hrs (UTC+11)

Check the start time for your location here

To Book your place click here
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Once you register you will be sent the Zoom invitation for this event. 


For those of you who want to be part of this Zoom meeting but cannot attend this session you can get the recording sent afterwards.

Please select the Attendance option I won’t attend the Zoom call (recording only). Register for the meeting  and we’ll send you the recording afterwards.

Price AUD $25 



I very much look forward to this opportunity to be able to be of service and give you a message from a loved one.
I hope you can join us.

In Love and Light, 

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