2023 – A Universal 7 Year


  Happy New Year 
2023  is a  Universal 7 Year
How do we work this out?
2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 7  


The 7 Year is a year of learning, spiritual growth and development.
A year to go within and seek your own inner truth, wisdom, dignity, fulfilment and a higher energetic frequency.

The learning ahead of us this year is how to create and manifest the conditions around you and life you want to live.  
The 7 will expose the aspects and areas of our lives with which we are dissatisfied so we may come to realise how magical life can be if we are prepared and willing to make the changes that need to be made. Once we accept the need for change then we can see where we truly belong and what our role is in this rapidly evolving and changing world of ours. This coming year is more about the Self as we will seek, and find, a direction that feels right for us.

Try not to force things or push water uphill. Allow the opportunities to come to you rather than constantly trying to seek them out. Rest in that heart – centred knowing space that all you require will come to you for your higher good. Trying to force yourself ahead will only bring dissatisfaction. This is a time for planning, visualising and ordaining.

7 also carries the energy of introspection, emotion, intuition, reflection, seclusion, research, and FAITH. This is a quieter, “inner” year in which you can learn the answers to all those questions you may have thus far avoided asking yourself.
The slower pace of the 7 year may cause frustration but use this time (and it may take all year) to figure things out. This is a period for seeing and setting your long-term goals and requires patience and faith.

You will notice also that everyone will be reflecting your reality back to you. Take note of the behaviours of others towards you as this will give you insights into what is happening in your life and on this planet.

This is the year to really understand how magnificent a soul you are and who you truly are in your Divine essence.


YOU are magical and this 7 year is THE year to really understand your personal power of manifesting your own reality. For those who have already begun their journey of Manifestation Mastery this will continue through the 7 year and for those who are starting out on the path of creating their own reality it will be a year of wonder, excitement and awe at your own ability.

While we, as humanity, experience the vibration of the number 7 in 2023, each of us also have a personal year number that creates it own vibrant energy in our lives for that year. 

How do we work out our personal year number? 

Let say, for example, you were born on the 20 September (no need for the year in these workings)
We add your birth date and month and the coming year to find your personal year number. 
So…… 2 + 0 + 9 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 18    then 1 + 8 = 
A nine personal year. 

Here are some key energies that your personal year will bring in 2023 . 

Personal Year 1: 
New beginnings, new goals and plans, focusing more on self-love, trying something new

Personal Year 2: 
Important partnerships (business, friendship, or romantic), external focus 

Personal Year 3:
Expressing yourself, new ideas, high creativity, writing 

Personal Year 4:
Establishing routine and stability, looking for security, setting up a firm foundation 

Personal Year 5:
Lots of changes, a new life phase, communication, craving adventure and travels 

Personal Year 6:
Charity work, peace and harmony, healing, being of service to others

Personal Year 7: 
Solitude, going within, a strong sense of spirituality, awareness  and development 

Personal Year 8:
Successful business, financial gains, confidence boost, real estate, investments 

Personal Year 9:
High energy, achievements, wisdom, accessing inner guidance, a grand completion.

If I had to sum up 2023, this coming 7 year, in a few words they would be:
Introspection, Planning, Patience, Faith, Manifestation and Magic.  

The number 7 is overseen by the Cosmic Diamond Violet Ray of Ascended Master St Germain.

Call on him for assistance if you find yourself a little lost, in need of protection or a calming energy.

I send you every good wish for your health, happiness, abundance and above all, Love, in this coming year. 


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