Happy Easter 2021 and an Awaken Community Update

Hello Everyone, 
Where we are currently living, on the outskirts of Bath, we are blessed with the countryside on our doorstep and there is no better time than Spring to enjoy the beauty of nature and the new growth bursting forth.

As we, in the northern hemisphere, welcome the warmer and longer days, those of you in the chillier areas of the southern hemisphere will be pulling out your woolly jumpers and hunkering down a little.

Here are a few scenes from our spring countryside walks close to our home.




and a little glimpse at spring pushing its way through in our own garden.


Every season has it beauty and its magic and I trust that you have the opportunity over this long Easter weekend to celebrate with family and friends or take some precious time out for yourself. 

This is a great time to realign your energy and reconnect with the earth. Meditation always assists this process, as does spending time outside in nature, of course. 

If you would like to enjoy a guided meditation then you can find two recordings on my website. 

Click here for my Violet Guided Meditation 

Click Here for my 10 minute Angel Meditation 


And now… an update on our Awaken Meetups. 

I was thrilled to receive such positive feedback from our first two meetups. It seems that interaction with the other attendees and exchanging ideas is really enjoyed.
Time for questions from the group is also is proving to be popular.

We have set a date for our third meetup and tickets have already begun to sell. 


You are invited to join us for our third Awaken meetup. 

Experience healing and focused spiritual meditation and teaching as well as the opportunity to join the awaken community.

This Zoom event starts at:

London 11:00hrs (11.00 am) British summertime / Sydney 20:00hrs (8.00 pm) 


Click here to check the time for your location
If you have joined an Awaken call previously, please login with your username and password during the purchase process. 

Click Here to Book. 

or go to  

Limited places are available to ensure all participants have an opportunity to interact with the group and ask their own questions. 

For all attendees a recording of our meetup will be sent to you afterwards as part of your ticket .
This will include the guided meditations and the Spiritual development topics for you to enjoy again. 



The spiritual development topic for this meetup will be about Pendulums and dowsing.

I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge about this topic and will lead you through how to start off using a pendulum (for those who are new to this) with a few tips and ideas on background, applications, uses and how to ask questions for those who are developing their connection to this form of energy.

Please bring your pendulum to the Meetup if you already have one. 
If you would like to purchase a pendulum they are of course available on line, from many outlets like Minimalism and the Crystal Castle and from crystal/new age shops. 

More information about clearing your pendulum prior to our meetup will be sent to you once you have secured your place. 

I look forward to seeing you.


So, whether you are celebrating Easter in the Christian tradition, or marking the return of the pagan goddess of spring Eastra, Passover in the Jewish  tradition, or preparing for Ramadan on the 12th April or Vikrami Samvat (Hindu New Year) on the 13th April,
my very best wishes go out to you and yours at this time. 

With Love , 



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