Merry Christmas 2019 and Happy 2020

It’s been some time  since I last posted and in that time my husband and I have settled into our new home,”The Hoglets” in Bath,UK.

In case you are wondering, a Hoglet is a baby hedgehog and yes, we do have a family of hedgehogs in our garden. We feed them and care for them so have named our new home in their honour.

We feel very blessed to have them in our garden as they are endangered here in the UK. 

The spiritual significances of the hedgehog are many.
They symbolise energy, defence, protection, fertility, intuition, psychic abilities, visions, vitality, intelligence, resourcefulness, uniqueness, perception, calmness, curiosity, inner wisdom, resistance and endurance. 


Our family of hedgehogs enjoying their supper at The Hoglets: 

Hector, Hermione and Horatio.

2019 has  been a busy year for us and while we have been redecorating and moving into our new home I have still been working with my many Australian and global clients via Skype and Facetime and I have also been delighted to welcome some visiting Australians and many of my local clients to our home.

Our radio show “Universally Speaking” on Jack Radio is now broadcast on Sunday evenings from 9.00 pm to 11.00 pm (UK time) My colleague Margaret Bowman and I share the on-air time and it has been very popular with our UK audience.  

Jack Radio is a Digital radio station, which can be tuned into in the UK but also globally via the Jack Radio Player app 

My “Universally Speaking” cosy studio set-up at The Hoglets. 

While we excitedly await the arrival of some of Australian family for Christmas, we are only too keenly aware that many of our family, friends and my clients have been suffering through a horrendous bush fire season in all States of Australia.  

Our loving and supportive thoughts go out to you all: the firefighting heroes, the support teams, those who have lost loved ones and/or property, the elderly and the young who may be experiencing health issues due to smoke haze and everyone who has had to live through, witness and experience this major challenge to beautiful Australia.

This too shall pass, but I do sense there will be a ground swell of positive action that emerges from the ashes of this disaster.

I am praying for rain and I send you my love and lots of cooling, rainy energy from the UK. 

In just a few days we will be entering the new energy of 2020 ….


A Global 4 Year

Welcome to the beginning of a New Decade, the third Decade in the 21st Century, bringing with it the energy of the Master number 22 and new opportunities.

This numerological 2020 of two 2’s and two 0’s is the last time in our lives that we will see this magical combination of these numbers.

A master number is when a number has two digits the same (eg 00, 11, 22, 33, 44 etc) The double digits double the power of the number and create powerful effects in our personal lives and the world at large.


The Master Number 22 is all about balance and precision and has the power to turn ambitions and dreams into solid, material reality here on earth.
Large scale plans, big ideas and self-confidence also come with this Master number.

For the past decade 2010 – 2019 we have been in the energy of the 1 which is all about leadership, ego, action and focus – a more masculine yang energy where we were inspired to take the lead and push forward. We have seen much ego-driven politics and many ideologies that challenged our ideas of what is right and wrong.

Now as we enter 2020, we begin the decade associated with the double 2 energy.

This is a more feminine yin frequency and brings with it a balance and a desire to work in partnership with others. Intuition and sensitivity towards others will grow and as we seek to create partnerships, we will understand that there are always two sides to an argument or a story.

Perhaps this new decade may be the time in which we learn to “walk in another man’s shoes”.  


The year 2020 adds up numerologically to a 4 (2+0+2+0=4)

The 4 is about being grounded and creating a firm foundation upon which to build. It represents creation from the ground up and gives us, as a planet, the chance to build again, rather than destroying.

2020 is a time to learn a new skill, craft, or take a course of study. It is also a time to manifest and create your dreams and build your future.

So, get busy with those vision boards for 2020, as now is the time to lay your foundations.

Let go of the desire to work out how things will manifest – put aside your ego nature and trust that you are able manifest and create using your own powerful intuitive, spiritual nature.

Visualise your goals while being in the moment – just “see” your desired outcomes and let go of expectations of how the universe will create things around you.

Achievements will come thick and fast this year and will serve as a great reward following your hard work and dedication.

Be open to change and ready to embrace new knowledge and information.

For therein lies wisdom.

Remember though, before we are “doers” we must be “deciders”.  

Once the deciding is done, the doing is easy.  

Using this time before we turn into the New Year by making your list and plans for 2020 and longer term plans for the decade ahead, will set you on course to make the most of the incoming energy.

If you would like some assistance to start your year off with strong foundations please email me [email protected] and we’ll get you booked in for an in-person, Skype or Facetime session early in the New Year. 

My diary has already begun to fill up in January, but slots are still available for those who wish to start their year off with some extra spiritual input and support. 

However you choose to celebrate Christmas and the New Year may it be filled with peace and joy for you and yours. 

I send you and your family my very best wishes for a joyous Christmas and a wonderful 2020 full of peace, prosperity and good health.  


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  1. Dear Ruthie,
    Sage advice and heart felt. I miss you & hope to see you here in Oz again soon. Also, we look forward to spending time with you & Gordon when we return to England later this year.
    Did you receive our birthday card?
    Love Ali??

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