Merry Christmas and Happy 2019 – a Global 3 Year.

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Well here we are at the end of yet another year – and what a year it has been!

As Christmas approaches it is a good time to reflect on 2018 and the energies we have all experienced.

2018, a global “2” year was about the balance between oneself and the greater community – the “me” and the “we”.


This has been played out for all to see in the global political arena as well as within families and relationships.

The “11” Master energy also asked us to look at partnerships on all levels and the way we relate one to one. 

The Master energy of the “11” has also been the threshold or doorway into new paradigms and experiences and for many, it heralded a change, a new environment or a new way of living. 

For my husband and I, this was reflected in a complete change that saw us sell our home in Sydney and move to the gorgeous beach-side village of Kingscliff in northern NSW. 

So this year, we will be celebrating with a beach Christmas in true Australian style – seafood, salads, tropical fruits and champagne. 

In just a few days we will be entering the energy of 2019 … 


            2019 is a Global 3 Year

(2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12 and that is distilled down to: 1 + 2 = 3)

So what does this Global “3” Year mean ? 

2019 is a time for us all to connect with our own emotions and inner creativity.

A time, overdue for many, to give ourselves permission to “say it like it is” and to speak our truth. Many people avoid this like the plague for fear of ruffling feathers.

However, we often hold our thoughts and feelings inside to our own detriment which can create discomfort and dis-ease. This year it is time to give ourselves permission to speak out and express ourselves in our romantic lives, our careers, our relationships and the world in general.

As we move forward into the new energy of 2019 you may well feel a shift as this coming year is one of great imagination.

If you can imagine it, you can manifest it.

Ordain aloud your desires, dreams and goals – speak your truth to Spirit as well as those around you. We are given Free-Will at birth but Divine Law means that our spiritual support is not permitted to tinker around with our lives for their amusement. 


However, when we ask for assistance it is always given.

Speak out, speak your truth from your heart and see what then occurs.


This 3 year will also challenge us to express ourselves creatively through art, craft, music, dance, writing, singing, speaking. 

2019 is the time to take up that new creative hobby, join a drama group or choir, write your memoirs or perhaps learn to dance!

Have fun with creativity and feel the joy it unleashes within you.

Use this opportunity to step through the fear and inhibitions that bind us to old ways and show the creative side of your soul for all to see. Share who you truly are and what you feel, and see how this brings others closer to you.

2019 is a “challenge year” to express yourself in a new way. Find your passion and follow it. 

Do something you have always been afraid to try.

Let go of self-judgement and criticism – just grab this chance to live a passionate and creative life with both hands.

It doesn’t matter what other people think – Be True to You.

However you choose to celebrate Christmas and New Year, may it be filled with Peace and Joy for you and yours. 


I send you and your family my very best wishes for a joyous Christmas and a wonderfully creative and expressive 2019.  


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