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Ruth’s Pilgrimage to the UK – Part Four

During the next phase of my journey my intention was to visit Tintagel (legendary birthplace of King Arthur and Merlin’s Cave), Lands End, St Michael’s Mount and as many of the Cornish ancient standing stone circles and sacred sites that time permitted.

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Ruth’s Pilgrimage to the UK – Part Three

The main focus (and excuse) for making my journey to the UK this year was to attend a weekend course in Glastonbury being run by Tim Freke. This course, called “The Mystery Experience”, was all about Consciousness and diving into the Oneness of being spiritually wake and in touch with yourself and your connection to the “All That Is”.

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Making sense of death

Ruth’s aunt explained that the man across the road had died, and that he wouldn’t be around anymore. He explained that people were crying because they couldn’t see him anymore. But Ruth could see him. “I can remember thinking everyone was crazy because the old man was at his window watching the procession too.”

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