My Christmas Message 2020


Christmas 2020 – Bath Abbey, UK 


Dear Friends,

After the wonderful Solstice a few days ago, celebrated by thousands upon thousands of people in so very many beautiful ways across the globe, we are now entering Christmas time.

This time means different things to everyone but from a spiritual perspective it is a time of love, harmony, peace and goodwill. 

In spite of all we have been through this year, let us join together as Lightworkers, Starseeds and loving Beings in the Christ Light that we are being bathed in and hold our own light high and strong to inspire others and send our love, healing and support to all those in need at this time. 


Many have been fortunate enough to see the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in the sky over the past few nights; two planets coming together to create a modern day Star of Bethlehem.  

My feeling is this “star” heralds a new way forward for us as humanity and the new Age of Love, the beginning in earnest of The Age of Aquarius.

To this new and uplifting energy I add my own wishes for a happy and blessed Christmas time to you and all your loved ones for love, harmony, peace and joy to be in your hearts and the Light of the Divine be surrounding you now.

Merry Christmas  to you and yours. 

With Love , 




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