Thank you to all who participated in our Global Meditation

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A HUGE thank you to everyone (I know who you are) who joined in our global meditation this morning/evening as we cleansed, healed and sent love around the planet to all sentient beings and to the earth itself, the waters, the air and the flora. A big thank you to The Marketing Heaven as well, which made it possible for us to gather such a large number of people.
I was shown how this, our beautiful earth, is going through a “reset to factory settings” and we are being asked to support her as we experience this challenging process of ridding ourselves and the planet of toxins.

We will get through this all together by being in a space of love, respect and kindness for each other and dear planet earth ?

You were all included in the great gathering whether you were able to meditate with us or not.

With Love and Gratitude,



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