Happy New Year – 2017 – a Global 1 Year

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As we enter the New Year many of us will be assessing the year just past and the year ahead.

Whereas 2016 was a global 9 year – a year of completions, 2017 is the beginning of a whole new cycle numerologically.

2017 is a global 1 year

(2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10 and that is distilled down to: 1 + 0 = 1)



So what does this mean for us as a planet and as individuals?

One is the number of beginning and 2017 invites us all to start something new, express ourselves and our uniqueness in a new way and to develop our leadership qualities that will open our eyes to new ideas and awareness.

This is a year to act and think independently and to embrace your own path whilst still co-operating and working with others without losing your own identity or individuality.

The Number 1 is the number of aim , ambition , determination and  action.

It is the number of creation, of God the great omnipotent divine essence of life. Also the number of Light , Genesis , consciousness and ego.

1 represents the Spirit which enters all things without changing.

1 is unchanging and unaltered when divided or multiplied by itself it remains the same and therefore is the number or decisiveness, steadfastness and determination. It is the number that brings us to the completion and the goals we seek.


The global numerology of 2107 shows that it will be a year of new beginnings and much activity.

New inventions, discoveries and new leaders will forge a way forward both locally and globally.

As individuals we may see a new social circle, an expanding global network of friends in our lives and new experiences or interests and hobbies.

Many may turn a hobby into a career this year and forge ahead with plans to increase their business.

There could be one strong event that is pivotal in making huge changes on every level in your life that see you take a completely hitherto unconsidered path.


What are some of the ways we can work with the 1 energy this coming year?

New inventions, discoveries– if an idea pops into your head, don’t be afraid, take the bull by the horns and follow the idea. Be a pioneer.

Start honouring yourself and who you are. Enjoy and celebrate your uniqueness – resist the urge to try and confirm out of habit. Be prepared to move off in your own direction with confidence.

Be motivated by the 1 to complete all those things that were left undone in 2016. Maybe it’s time to seek that new job – something you had perhaps planned to do in the past twelve months. Or a change of house, country, partner?  You may have put your needs on the back burner but no more, this is the year to be a self-starter. Do things you have always wanted to do or try. Now is the time.

Be a shining star. Rather than hide your light under a bushel , take that course, learn something new, achieve a goal for your career or life that you know will move you forward. Refine and then celebrate your talents and your skills. The important thing is to START!

Believe in yourself – have confidence in your own inner guidance and know that you can do whatever you choose. You have free will.

Follow your dreams and ideas. There will be thousands of new ideas flowing into your consciousness this coming year and the delays and obstacles of the past year have been removed for you to move forward to your new goals.

Whatever you decide to do in 2017 make it a year where you stand up and be counted. We are all individuals on our own path to awareness but we are also part of the global consciousness and brotherhood of man.  Let’s make this a wonderful year to turn things around and begin afresh.

I send you my very best wishes for this New Year, 2017.




2 Responses

  1. Hi Ruthie, I have a strong feeling this is going to be a year of success and achievement, of happiness and self forgiveness and an openess to the spiritual side. Wishing you and Gordon a safe and happy New Year.

    1. Thank you Martin for adding your insights – 2017 will indeed be a year of many global changes,for the better, we hope
      Abundance, prosperity, fulfilment and good health to you and yours .

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