Ansty Crop Circle

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Saturday 13th August.

Another day, Another Crop Circle ! 

13912322_10154811866687289_7597585028632938563_n (1)

This one I had a premonition about without being shown where it would be – just that it was coming – but my grateful thanks to my colleague Hestelle Bonthuys for the heads up re this fabulous new Crop Circle at Ansty, Wiltshire  – only 10 mins from where I am currently living.

Just one day old it was certainly full of lovely, strong energy.
















Upon locating the centre (part psychically,part with a photo reference),

Centre Leaf Formation in the Ansty Crop Circle


The Centre of the Ansty Crop Circle

I lead a healing ritual with three other pilgrims where we each named and placed someone into the centre of the healing magical energy . I just love the beautiful souls one meets in these places. 

This crop circle felt so strongly of the Merlin of Britain and had a wonderful frequency emanating from it.


13912322_10154811866687289_7597585028632938563_n (1)
The glyphs around the outer ring seemed like a morphing of Astrological, Mayan, Celtic, Sanskrit and Runic symbols . 


A truly beautiful example of a crop circle late in the season.



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  1. Hola , mi nombre es Peter desde Chile, me gustaria saber si tu sabes el significado de este u otros crop circles?

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