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Following our fantastic evening at Anahata Therapies on Monday 11th February I have had so much wonderful feedback which I wanted to share with everyone – whether you attended or not.

Ruth with loyal friend and regular attendee, Jen
Ruth with loyal friend and regular attendee, Jen
Ruth with Beatrix, a regular at Ruth's Anahata Evenings
Ruth with Beatrix, a regular at Ruth’s Anahata Evenings

I have received lots of emails from the group – but these two , from Maria and Linda, stood out:

“Thanks Ruth,

What a fab night!  Loved all the new things you introduced on the evening and thank you for your generosity with all things to do with the vision boards.  I’m loving manifesting and in particular asking for confirmation, I have had 2 confirmations that were amazing.  I asked that I be shown a male wearing an orange shirt at a meeting I was about to attend,  he was there of course and he even had brilliant orange hair.The confirmations are coming in very quickly, I just need to work as quickly to support the manifestation.  I’m loving this new energy.

Thanks again.
Maria Johnston”


“Hi Ruth,

We so loved Monday night thank you so much.
Mum and I were so excited we started the vision board when we got home on Monday night.
We will be completing it on the 25th when Mum is coming for a sleep over.

Things are shifting and it’s wonderful.

Love and gratitude
Linda x”

I asked my dear colleague, Tameera, from Light Stays Retreats and Living to be our visual recorder for the evening but she went one better and wrote a fabulous follow-up  blog on her website relating what she learned from the evening.

Here is the beginning of her blog:

Learning the secret of the laws of attraction and how to manifest abundance in your life…

by Tameera Kemp Tameera

Within the healing tranquility of Anahata Therapies  in Sydney’s Mosman,  I arrived for an evening of learning how to manifest abundance in my life.

Having attended more than a few evenings at Anahata I know I’m in for a treat but not exactly sure how we’re going to learn to become power manifestors in a few hours. Teacher, Ruthie Phillips,  has a big smile like we’re about to be let in on her little secret…

For those of you who couldn’t make it I thought I’d share my experience, so you can become a power manifestor too.

To read the complete blog of our evening by Tameera click on this link

The Law of Attraction works wonders in our life but it is FOCUS that makes the difference between the Master Manifestor and the novice.

To assist the process of making magic happen in our lives each attendee at the event received a parting gift of a board with this at the top

2013 image for vision boardand a gift bag full of creative bits and pieces such as feathers, glitter, texta, hearts, stars, glue stick, and most importantly a random word cut out from a magazine for inspiration.

These gifts of creative “stuff”  have set the wheels of manifestation in motion for many in the group and today I received a wonderful photo of a vision board already created by one of our attendees,Trypheyna. I am in awe of the speed and creativity that she has used in the creation of this vision board for her goals for 2013.

Isn’t it magnificent?


I also received this wonderful testimonial from Jana , who wrote:

“I have attended all of Ruthie’s workshops at Anahata Therapies and I have to say that this workshop on Manifestation was the “best” workshop so far for many reasons.
The “Best” not because the others were less worthy or informative, since they have all been “amazing” and “beautiful” especially with the loving energy that Ruthie holds the space and looks after everyone in all the realms.
Ruthie is a true loving worker for Spirit for the highest good of all and this always comes across in her presentations and spirit communications. I also mean the “Best” because Ruthie has transformed her workshops to suit and work with the new energies that have come to the planet since 21/12/12 and also as she gave all of us so many gems for manifestation that  I was not aware of.
Jana Carrozzi - Director and owner of Anahata Therapies, Mosman.
Jana Carrozzi – Director and owner of
Anahata Therapies, Mosman.
I am in the process of selling my home and Ruthie gave me so many gifts on how to help me manifest the new owners and the price that I wish to receive. The timing could not have been better!
I also thought that the workshop was amazing as she changed the format of the spirit communication to be one where interested participants could ask the burning questions from their spiritual support rather than waiting to see if spirit would come through for them. Listening to those questions and answers not only assisted those participants who asked the questions but also gave everyone else in the room answers to questions that they may have held dear as well.
Ruthie additionally provided every participant with a Manifestation Board and a gift pack that included all the materials needed to start manifesting on the Manifestation Board without any further delay. A true gift for all of us busy people who never find time to do those things let alone get to the shops to purchase all the materials to create a manifestation board.
Well Done Ruthie and thank you so much for giving so much of yourself all the time and sharing the gifts of spirit with all of us always.
With deepest gratitude and love, 
Jana Carrozzi.”


To everyone who attended – thank you all for your energy, enthusiasm and desire to change your reality.

Remember those two powerful words:  ” I AM “

Magnificence to you all ,













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