The New Consciousness and our Children

We are, as the saying goes, living in interesting times.

The New Consciousness:

Humanity is evolving spiritually to a higher level of consciousness and the indigo, crystal, rainbow and diamond children and adults play a pivotal part in assisting us through this ascension process.
Over many decades, Lightworkers and Starseeds have been doing their work as psychics, sensitives, empaths, healers, teachers – raising the vibrational frequency of earth and our human and energetic bodies.
They have been helping to prepare us for a new level of consciousness so we may  become more aligned with our Higher Selves and  more consciously experience our spiritual path and purpose. This new energy heralds a time of peace for all sentient beings.

Those of us well on the spiritual path will more consciously experience these momentous shifts into what you could call ‘multi-dimensional’ awareness.

ashtar multi

With the shift in energies and frequencies happening at an even greater rate at this time, the need to care for ourselves and our children (our very future) is paramount.

Learning to recognise the characteristics of the New Wave of children in our midst is essential if we are to fulfill our purpose in assisting them as the ones to bring our world into a new dimension.

blue eyed babyolder girl wiht headress






These intuitive, techno savvy children of the emerging new world (different to the humans born on earth in the past) are said to have come from the stars, on special assignment on earth, to assist us as we become more higher dimensional and consequently more loving and at peace. Some time ago, the well-regarded prophetic psychic Gordon Michael Scallion as well as Edgar Cayce foretold of a ‘fifth root race’ appearing on earth around the late twentieth century. Many believe this has manifested with these ‘new children’ who are powerful, magical, and meta-gifted.

boy wiht globeIt is important to note that they also have an extremely vulnerable side where they are sensitive and empathic, picking up on the energies of people and environments around them.

angel child

Following requests from clients who are parents and grandparents to some extraordinary children, I shall be leading an evening of discovery to outline the differences and the qualities that our new children possess.

baby in hat

We will discuss the attributes of your magical children and help you identify the personality traits that set them apart.

diamond baby

I will answer many questions about how to care for, nurture and support them on every level as they tackle the dense energy of this planet. To complete the evening,I  will pass on channeled messages from the Spiritual Realms about your children and their needs.

This event is called
“Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows and Diamonds – Children of the Ascension” and for all event details please click here  to visit my  Current Workshops Page.



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