“Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows and Diamonds ~Children of the Ascension” 8th April – ONLY 4 PLACES LEFT


Ruth Phillips

& Anahata Therapies


“Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows & Diamonds”  Only 4 places left!

~ Children of the Ascension ~

blue eyed baby

How to recognise whether you, a child, grandchild or someone you know is an Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow or Diamond Child.

With the shift in energies and frequencies happening at an even greater rate at this time, the need to care for ourselves and our children (our very future) is paramount.

older girl wiht headress



Learning to recognise the characteristics of the New Wave of children in our midst is essential if we are to fulfill our purpose in assisting them as the ones to bring our world into a new dimension. 


Following requests from clients who are parents and grandparents to some extraordinary children, Ruth Phillips will lead an evening of discovery to outline the differences and the qualities that our new children possess.

angel child

Ruth will discuss the attributes of your magical children and answer many questions about how to care for, nurture and support them on every level as they tackle the dense energy of this planet.


A guided meditation will lead you into a deeper awareness of the new souls joining us.

To complete the evening, Ruth will pass on channeled messages from the Spiritual Realms about your children and their needs.Please bring with you a photo of a child that you may wish to ask about or any questions, general or specific, that you would like to ask.

diamond baby

Monday 8th April 2012                 7.00 pm 9.30pm

At Anahata Therapies  17 Myahgah Street, Mosman

– entry via Vista St opposite the Vista St Car Park

Tickets: $ 45.00 per person                              Limited spaces available.

To book your place please call Anahata Therapies on: (02) 9969 3460

Or Book on-line at www.anahatatherapies.com.au

Light Refreshments will be served at the conclusion of the evening.

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