Launching my Global Skype Consultations

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I am excited to announce the launch of my new service to my worldwide client base. Over my 28 years of spiritual work I have conducted phone sessions for my clients who live in far flung places such as the Faroe Islands, Alaska, and remote Pacific Islands, as well as the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Middle East, NZ, Africa and interstate and country Australia.

My phone sessions have always been popular with those unable to travel to me for a personal consultation so it is with much enthusiasm that I now offer one hour personal Skype sessions to all my clients, no matter where they reside.

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My one hour Skype consultations are conducted in the same way as my personal face to face sessions and may include a combination of any of the following modalities:


thrid eye and imfinity

  • Clairvoyance – My psychic ability to “See Clearly” into other dimensions

  • Spirit Communication – Using my innate gifts as a Medium I receive messages for you from your loved ones who have passed over into Spirit, your Angelic Community and your Soul Family.


  • Colour Therapy – As a Fully Qualified Aura-Soma Colour Therapist and the co-creator of the Colour Alignment Cards, I use my knowledge of colour to identify.daily-cards issues that are ready to be cleared and to assist with the healing process.

past lives

  • Past Life Therapy– as part of a personal consultation I tune into any appropriate lifetimes that may be impacting on this life, thereby assisting recognition of any issues that may need to be addressed. This is suitable for those who are ready to let go of old patterns and programming and who are committed to move forward in their life.


astrology and numerology

  • Astrology – A good understanding of Astrology and how it impacts on us,      enables me to incorporate this ancient wisdom into your session.

  • Numerology– Using the science of numbers and their importance to our name, our partners name, our home number, business address and many other aspects of our lives.


lifepath direction

  • Lifepath Counselling – Using my unique way of seeing the path ahead I am able to advise you on the “Higher Path ” i.e. the course of action that would open doors for you and enable you to reach your full potential in life, love and career.


I focus my clairvoyance on assisting my clients to heal and grow spiritually by showing them how to take personal responsibility for their own lives. Therefore my sessions do not dwell on predictions for the future but more on ways to create your own destiny.


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Skype Readings are available in the English language only, and are one hour in duration. Skype consultations are pre-paid by PayPal /Credit card or Direct deposit and arranged at a mutually convenient time, taking into account differing time zones.I am very happy for you to record the Skype session on your computer.

The fee for the one hour Skype session is AUD $160.00 which includes the necessary administration time for your appointment set up. Once an appointment time has been made you will be sent details for prepayment and my Skype address.


For clients residing outside of Australia, email is the best way to contact me for a Skype appointment time – [email protected] or use the Contact Form on my website.

Those residing within Australia may prefer to call me personally to arrange your session.

Phone within Australia : 0415 412 845 or you may also Contact Me via email.


All these details of my Skype sessions are also to be found on the Readings and Healings with Ruth page of this website and if you have any queries about my new Skype service please do no hesitate to contact me. I welcome all enquiries.


I hope to Skype you soon.      skype computer



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