2013 – a Global “6” Year

We are well and truly into the new energy of 2013 and as we begin to embrace the challenges, both personally and globally, for this year I thought it may assist to know a little about the numerology of 2013.

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2013 is a Global “6” Year
we come to this by adding the digits:
2+0+1+3 = 6

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The most important keywords of the Six:

Friendship, love and marriage. Creativity on all levels. Family and children. Caring for neighbours and the community. Responsibility for others, mutual aid. Ability not only to take but to give.The ability to see the benefits of our actions. Interaction and constructive dialogue with partners in business and in the family. Craving for art and education. Understanding and the desire to be understood. Reciprocity in all.

Six is the number of the search for harmony but it is also the number of the mysterious and the unknown. It is a Venus energy and vibrates to the colour pink (love for others and for self)


The Six Year will bring many to new knowledge, spiritual growth, and the desire to understand and penetrate the secrets and mysteries of the universe. Since 2013 is the year of the Snake, there may well be an increased interest in esoteric knowledge and the possibility of the formation of new mystical order, which could attract many followers.


Six is also about art and creativity and this year will see an increased interest in the arts: theatre, literature, and painting. Many may take up a new artistic pursuit or a new creative hobby. An appreciation of beauty and the love of beautiful things will be paramount this year.

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Six is associated with the element of water and therefore the emotions. So love and all the feelings that surround relationships (positive and negative) will be likely to be expressed this year. This vibration is a very feminine one (remember the Venus connection) and the energy of 2013 will prompt many to embark into new love relationships as well as business partnerships. June 2013 (the sixth month) will be a love-charged month this year.


Many will choose to marry or make a permanent commitment to each other this year and others will cement their love by wanting to begin a family. Long term marriages and partnerships will rekindle their love connections or those in difficult and perhaps loveless relationships may seek love elsewhere.

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Creativity of a different kind is also associated with the 6 energy of 2013 – Creative manifestation of your dreams and goals. We are all offered the opportunity this year to understand our role as a Creator. We have the free will to create anything and everything we desire in our lives and this is the year to come to conscious and full recognition of this fact. As we embrace the full creative force of our Soul Nature we come more into Divine alignment and our vibratory frequency is raised by this. It is the shift in consciousness that we, as a planet, are striving to achieve.

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Awareness and compassion are also the hallmark of 2013 – so too is unconditional love for self and others with a releasing of guilt, blame and shame are the ideals which are energised this year.

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I am personally excited, energised and ready to begin my work this year.Ruth Phillips
We have already planned our first event at Anahata Therapies Healing Sanctuary – entitled “Manifest Your Goals for 2013” which will to be  held on Monday 11th February 2013.
This event and has already attracted many registrations.
In fact we have only 6 places remaining for this evening of magic.
So I urge you to book now if you are keen to learn how to creatively manifest your hearts desires.

Details of this event are to be found by clicking here.

Wherever you are on this beautiful planet in 2013 , I wish you health, happiness, love and creativity.
I hope to see you, speak with you or hear from you over the coming weeks and months.

With much loving energy to you ,


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