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The Launch of Colour Alignment

Hello Everyone,
My BIG news for this post is the Launch of a new Colour Therapy called
“Colour Alignment” which brings into being a new Colour Therapy in the form of a boxed set of colour cards and an accompanying booklet.
The Colour Alignment Cards are the inspired creation of myself and Gale Pickles.
Colour Alignment was born of the Light, shining brightly.

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April Full Moon

Hello and Welcome Everyone,

The full moon is shining brightly through the window as I type this to you all.

As is usual for me at Full Moon, I find myself up in the wee small hours – the strong vibration of the Moon usually wakes me.
The time of Full Moon is the high tide of psychic powers and abilities, with many of us experiencing perceptions and divinations that are very powerful.

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