Solstice and Christmas Greetings 2021

Bath Abbey, The Museum of the Moon Christmas 2021

Well, here we are dear Light Beings, at the end of what can only be described as a HUGE year, on every level. 

As we approach the Solstice (winter in the northern hemisphere and summer in the southern) it is a good time to reflect on what we have learned and integrated over the past twelve months of life here on planet Earth.
The Winter Solstice, for those us in the northern hemisphere is the time when the Sun “stands still” and then begins its journey back to the light as the days gradually lengthen again. It is a time of renewal and celebration as the darkest days are behind us. 

I had a wonderful opportunity the other evening to meditate on what the theme of this season means for me and the theme I have carried with me through the year, when I attended the Christmas Carol service at Bath Abbey the other evening.

As you can see in my photo, stationed above us was the most magnificent representation of our Earth’s moon.

What held my attention was foremost the Light it exuded and how the moon above us reflects the Light in the night to guide us in dark times. 

For me, this year, 2021, has been all about The Light.  


I know that my best response to combat the chaos of these times we find our ourselves in, is to show up with more Light.

In fact, I make it my conscious goal to Light Bomb the people and places wherever I am. 

 You may be wondering what “Light Bombing ” is.

The way I explain it is to breathe into your heart chakra and fill your heart centre with the full and majestic Light of the Divine Source and then expand that out into your Auric field and surround yourself and others in that brilliant Light.

You can direct the Light to whomsoever and wherever you choose – there is no limit to the Divine Light.

Then watch the miracles unfold around you.  

Earlier in the year we visited Cornwall, where the light is always powerful.

A place that resonates with my soul is Tintagel Castle, the legendary birthplace of King Arthur. 






This visit to Tintagel was special as the tide was out, the weather perfect and I was there right at the beginning of the day to spend some quiet contemplation time alone in Merlin’s cave.

I had an amethyst crystal (pictured) with me which I had programmed and left wrapped in invocations and prayers in a crevice deep within the cave, to bring love and light to the sentient beings of the planet.

You were included in my prayers for love and peace.




Traveling north on the coastal road from Tintagel, if you know what to look for, you will find a pathway that leads into the woods to the beautiful St Nectan’s Glen. 

This magical glen, full of nature spirits, devas, faery folk and flora and fauna is a balm to the soul. Walking through the woodland is like being “out of time” and you can feel the nature spirit energies all around. 

The woodland trail leads to a magnificent waterfall that travellers are able to approach and wade in the fresh cascading waters. Many tie ribbons, as I did, and offer prayers and wishes with them in this sacred Goddess energy place. 


Where we stay in Cornwall, we are often treated to magnificent sunrises over the ocean . I never tire of watching how the light the plays on the water, the sand and the hills .

As any photographer will tell you, Light is THE most important part of the image, just as it was the first thing to be created by the Divine.  




The Light theme has continued unbated in this festive time with a trip on the Dartmouth Christmas Train of Lights, and visits to the American Museum Enchanted Garden of Light and the Stourhead Christmas Lights. All extraordinary and awe-inspiringly beautiful. 








This month there are many astrological events playing out and the hardest thing to do in times of turmoil is to stayed centred and grounded while the world whirls around you.

Please spend as much time as you can in nature and whenever you are experiencing ascension symptoms like feeling out of kilter, can’t sleep, or just feeling downright weird, then take off your shoes and stand barefoot on the grass in order to ground your energy into Gaia, Mother Earth.  

In my work with my lovely clients I always begin my day by lighting a candle and dedicating the light to the Divine and I say:

“I work in the Light for the Light.
May the Light of the Divine shine through me to others”

I’d like to share a  wonderful Mantra that I also say repeatedly (three times) as I walk, meditate and go about my daily life. It is one that Blossom Goodchild has channelled through her guide. 

I AM the Light 
I AM the Love,
I AM the Truth 
I AM  


At this special time of the Solstice and Christmas I send you Love and Light and every wish for peace and good health to you and yours. 

With Love , 




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