Manifesting Magic in 2018 – One Day Workshop

My first workshop in the second month of this 2 year,
on Sunday 18th February,
is an ever-popular and favourite course to begin the year: 


Manifesting Magic in 2018 

Here is some information about the workshop.

As we enter the vibrant energy of 2018 what better way to begin the New Year and set the energy than to learn to use the ancient Hermetic Principles to create everything you desire in the year ahead.

For over 30 years Ruth Phillips has been sharing her knowledge of the Universal Law of Attraction and how it may be used to create change and bring you what you want into your life.

In this one-day workshop Ruth will reveal the three steps that set your free-will into motion and unleash the power inside you to create your life the way you wish it to be. You will learn the hands-on principles of Creative Manifestation that open you up to the infinite possibilities available to you in the Universe.

Visualisation, meditation and mediumistic guidance from your spiritual support will be an integral part of our day.

You will create your own vision board in accordance with Feng Shui and spiritual principles which will put into motion the Magic of your life.

The Mosman Community College has published a profile about me on their Facebook Page and students have already begun to book their places. 
This is one of my all time favourite workshops, so if you would like to join me with a group of highly motivated, like-minded people then please
or go to : 

I look forward to creating Magic with you. 


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