A Crop Circle Update

Willoughby Hedge, Near Mere, Wiltshire. Reported 4th May.

On Saturday 6th May I  visited this lovely “fresh energy” crop circle formation in a field of rapeseed in the early evening. It was only about 36 hours old and I could feel the energy very strongly throughout the formation.

In the very centre circle / orbit it felt like a spinning energy centre – like a chakra – in fact it made me quite dizzy and disorientated.

The epicentre of the Mere Crop Circle

There were 7 chakra-like discs on each of the arms as can be seen in the aerial photos . The formation is totally incomprehensible at ground level and we used the aerial pic to navigate our way (well apart from me dowsing our way into it and finding the true centre).


The plants had not been destroyed or chopped but bent over at the base as happens with wheat or corn crop circle formations.

I was so happy we got there early to be able to feel the vibration.


On reflection I sensed  an “Ascension” aspect to the chakric system displayed here.

I continue to monitor for new reports of this phenomena as Wiltshire has such a high number of Crop Circles reported each year and the season is still young.

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