Vibrational Colour Healing – Clinic Progress Report

As more clients come to my Vibrational Colour Healing clinic days I have been delighted and inspired by the often profound changes that I have been witnessing after just one session with the Bioptron Colour Healing Light and my accompanying Colour Elixirs and Colour Alignment cards.

Each session begins with my client choosing three of my Colour Alignment Cards from the set of 22. The kinesiology maxim ” The body does not lie” holds true for each clients colour card selection. The three cards chosen “in the moment”, tell me the story of  the person before me and the situations he or she  is addressing in their life – spiritually, mentally, emotionally and  physically.

These colour cards further indicate the colour healing required, the Bioptron Filters I will use and the Colour Elixirs to be administered.

Wrapped in a luxurious white robe and fluffy white socks my client is then tucked into white covers on the healing bed.

The energetic healing begins with the appropriate Colour Elixir :


I call upon spiritual support for my client and  he or she reads aloud an Invocation to the Colour Ray which is their main healing colour of the session.

Here is an example of an Invocation –  to the Indigo Ray – from the Colour Alignment Card Set.

The Bioptron Light Filter is selected and set and music appropriate to the colour and area being  treated is played. Whilst the light therapy progresses I further activate the healing by toning and using sacred symbols and movements throughout the session.

Sometimes as many as three colour filters are used in a session. Each healing session for every client is different and personalised – as we all have our own particular frequency that deserves recognition and honouring.

To conclude the healing session, I give thanks for all the spiritual support and healing assistance we have been given and  ground the energy in with an elixir.

Many clients choose to continue their colour healing between sessions  by using a personalised Colour Elixir that I create with reverence and ritual  for them after their healing session with me. These personal  Colour Elixirs are an inspired combination of colour energies that may be used alone or in conjunction with the innovations to the appropriate Colour Rays from the Colour Alignment Card set.


The positive feedback  and repeat bookings I have received for my  Vibrational Colour Healing sessions has been truly wonderful and I thank each and every person who has honoured their own healing and embarked on a new and gentle way to embrace change in their life.

On a personal level, I too, have been energised and received the frequency of every colour used with each person who has come to see me – so I am shining in rainbow light and would love to share that with you.

There are now only 8 clinic appointment times remaining before Christmas for those who wish to experience this revolutionary new combination of Vibrational Colour healing. So if  you are drawn to come and  feel the Colour energy yourself  the dates and session availability is listed below or you may follow this link –  or do please call me directly on 0415 412 845 to book in.

Thursday 1st November – Just One Session time available.

Wednesday 14th November – Three Session times available.

Wednesday 5th December – Just One Session Time available.

Thursday 6th December – Three Session Times available.

I send you all warm and Colour-Full Light,




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