“Questions for Spirit” – Some of the great queries, and answers, from the Spiritual Realms

My recent “Questions for Spirit” evening at Anahata Therapies was a delightful gathering of spiritual and like-minded souls who came together to ask questions of their loved ones on the other side.

Many people may assume that the participants would have taken the opportunity to ask about their own personal “stuff” and yet over 90% of the queries were general questions of a spiritual nature for us all to hear the wisdom received.

I loved the evening and energy in the group and for that reason I thought I would share some of the questions asked and the answers that came through from the Spiritual realms……

 Q: I often have conversations in my mind with my mother and others who have passed. Can they hear me or is this just wishful thinking on my part?

A: Your mother and other loved ones in Spirit can hear your thoughts and your voice and can sense your emotions and energy field too.  Whenever we direct our thoughts, love or attention to those in the Spirit world it acts as a magnet and draws them near to us. Please keep communicating with them if this brings you comfort and joy, as they love to be thought of. Every kind word, deed or prayer for those who have passed reaches across the veil to them.

Q: Will my late husband in spirit know that he now has a baby granddaughter here on earth?

A: When a grandparent has passed before the birth of a child it is more often than not that the child is handed across the veil to those on earth by the child’s grandparents themselves. They usually have a pivotal role in the child’s entry into life and therefore know the child very well indeed – much better than the new parents. Often the new baby shows characteristics of the grandparent it “never knew”, as the imprint of that grandparent’s personality shines through from their time together in the spirit world before the child was born.

Q: What happens to the souls of newborns that pass away soon after birth?  

A: As is the case with every single soul that passes – each baby, each child and each adult who crosses back over the veil to the Spiritual realms is met by loved ones. Babies who only live for a few hours have chosen certain karmic and spiritual life challenges in conjunction with family members that assist in their own growth and understanding. There are many options for a soul returning to the spiritual realms after a very brief sojourn on earth.

Sometimes they wait in spirit for other family members (like a mother and father) to arrive and join them. Meanwhile they grow in spirit while they wait and are loved and nurtured by their spiritual family and angelic support.Other times they choose to make another journey through the veil to join their family as the next child conceived and born to the same parents.
Or, alternatively, they may decide to wait for the next generation within the family and arrive as a grandchild to their original parents, and therefore the child to one who would have been a sibling on their first attempt to incarnate in that family group.
No energy or soul is ever lost and the soul energy goes on.


Q:  Whenever I have an individual reading with a clairvoyant I only hear from my mother’s family in spirit. Is this because my father’s family were non-believers?

A: When a Medium tunes into the spiritual realms it is not up to them who approaches and comes through – they may request politely for others who do not approach to make themselves known but generally those who wish to communicate do so readily. Your mother’s family may be a very chatty bunch (*indeed I know they are) and your father’s family are of a more retiring nature. This is the personality construct that they are showing me in spirit. Those who do not have a belief system that encompasses the communication via a Medium between the physical and the spiritual realms would find it hard to understand how this process works either whilst here on earth or indeed when they pass over. They would therefore naturally not push forward to communicate.

*Note from Ruth – as it turned out the lady who asked this question came from a family who were knee deep in Mediums now in the spirit world and they all wanted to get their word in whenever they got a chance as they knew how it all “worked” !


Q: I am from England and wonder if my 3 grandparents who have passed over have ever visited me in Australia?

A: Yes of course they have – your connection to your grandparents is a loving one that is not dependant on geography or place. Their love for you transcends the boundary between our physical world and the spiritual world so a little matter of just across the planet is a mere trifle. It is your energy and loving heart that calls them to draw near and visit you, not the country, the city, the suburb or the house in which you reside.                                        

This is a similar question to one that many people often ask: “Will my late partner come with me if I move from our family home of 30 years?” The answer to that is: “Yes, of course.” It is you they are connected to – not the house. There are exceptions to this in the case of lost souls and hauntings but in almost all instances our loved ones come with us and we don’t even have to send them change of address cards!


And a final question, of a different ilk, that I really liked……

Q: Where do Fairies come from?

A: Fairies and all those in the Devic kingdoms reside in the Fourth dimension. The Fourth dimension (or the near realms) is the realm of the dreamtime, fairies, elves, unicorns, Mer-people, spirit guides and nature spirits. This dimension is visible to those who are attuned to the finer frequencies and they often have a “fey” way about them. It is said that the fairy realm is not visible to “vulgar” eyes and is seen by those who believe and who tread lightly and with care upon the earth.

I do hope that you enjoyed the answers to these questions provided by our spiritual support on the other side.

My Love and Blessings to you all,




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