“Your Sacred Name” a “Re- Sounding” success

Anahata Therapies Garden Buddha


An energetically uplifting night was had by our group of over 35 participants  at the “Sacred Names” evening held on Monday 26th March at Anahata Therapies in Mosman.

The "a's" in the group receiving the healing tone of their vowel sound
The dulcet tones of our large  group rang out as we all joined together to intone the many different vowel sounds that create the basis of our own names.
The "ah's " feeling the healing of their sound from the group toning.

After  each attendee confirmed his or her primary vowel sound and experienced the healing effect of that sound on their physical and spiritual bodies , Ruth led the group on a meditation journey to discover the Sacred Name given to them by the Divine source.


Group activity




Sacred Vowel Sounds chart





To complete the evenings programme Ruth channelled messages from loved ones in Spirit who wished to communicate to their family in attendance.Messages were received from a grandfather, a mother-in-law, a baby waiting to come and even a dog who wanted to weigh in on his future name!

Ruth with participant and friend Yvonne Jones









The power of sounds filled the room and along with  transformation we enjoyed much lightness and laughter throughout the evening.

Frivolity as the group finds their primary vowel sound








Over the supper feast many exchanged their meditation insights and experiences with other kindred souls.

The Supper Feast


Ruth and daughter Yvette

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