And when the Psychic is wrong?

Ruthie PhillipsWhat happens when a psychic is told she’s wrong in the middle of a recorded live reading?  It happens to Ruth Phillips occasionally on her podcast and it doesn’t worry her one bit!

Ruth Phillips is a clairvoyant-medium with an uncanny ability to talk with people who have passed over to the other side, and well practiced at handling the objections of people on this side too.

Ruth describes herself as an interpreter for those people who want to communicate from the afterlife.  They speak to her by through a complex set of signs and symbols that she has learned over many years.

“This ‘sign-language’ is then interpreted into English for the person in front of me, whether they’re sitting in my room or on the phone having a live reading on the show.” explains Ruth

“Sometimes a loved-on in Spirit will show me a bunch of flowers and this will mean that they’re sending love.  Other times I’ll be shown something very specific and I’ll need to describe it”

Ruth has been honing this symbolic language since the age of 13 when she first realised she had the gift of communicating with the other side.

So what happens when a person disagrees with something Ruth says in a reading?

“I ask them to give me a call when they’ve worked it out” she explains with a grin.

“And preferably not at 2am in the morning!”

“Often it will be when they talk about it with a family member or a particular event happens – something will trigger them to remember what I’ve said and they will have an ‘a-ha’ moment!” she adds.

This is not surprising for Ruth, who communicates with dead people on a daily basis.

“It’s hard work for a person in spirit to communicate with anyone on this plane, and they’re not about to waste that energy telling us things we already know!”

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