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January 2010 ~News of Evening of Spirit Communication

Hello Everyone and a special Welcome if you are a first time visitor to our new – look website.
Before 2010 begins in earnest, I have already begun the planning for my year’s schedule of teaching and public events. To that end I am happy to announce that my first evening of Spirit Communication will be held in Cremorne on Monday 1st March 2010.

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Working environment for a Clairvoyant Medium

Being a Clairvoyant means that my strongest psychic gift is that of psychic vision, i.e. I see clearly into other “dimensions” including the environment into which we “pass” when we exit this physical existence. In fact, I can describe the type of person I’m “seeing”, many of their personality and physical traits that they possessed when alive, their relationship to my client, and quite often their manner of passing.

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