Ten Minute Angel Meditation

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Hello Everyone, 

After receiving such lovely feedback following my previous Violet Meditation I realised that at this time many of us enjoy and indeed, need, to take time out for ourselves to re-centre and re- align.

So, I have recorded another guided meditation for you – a Ten minute (or so) Angel Meditation. In this guided meditation you will meet your own Guardian Angel and go on short journey together. 

I do hope you are able to find the time to rest, relax, and be at peace while you listen and are transported to the Angelic Realms. 

Just Click the recording below to listen to The Ten Minute Angel Meditation

I wish you Love and Peace






9 thoughts on “Ten Minute Angel Meditation”

    1. Ruth Phillips

      That’s great Jade and thank you for the feedback. I am sure you had a wonderful journey with your angel.
      Love and light , Ruthie x x x

        1. Ruth Phillips

          My pleasure my dear Anita, and thank you for your kind feedback. Love and light to you and your family, Ruthie x x x

    1. Ruth Phillips

      My pleasure Lily. I am glad you enjoyed it and had the opportunity to connect with your angel.
      Ruthie x

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