Merry Christmas and Happy 2018

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2017 has been a huge year for many people – a year of new pathways, new beginnings and changes of direction. I too have had big changes – a move back to Australia from the UK and settling into our home once more.

I had overwhelming support from my clients for which I am very grateful – my return was greeted with much enthusiasm resulting in many people booking ahead for personal sessions. Thank you to those who had to wait a couple of months to see me.

My “Evening of Spirit”  on the 17th October was a sell -out night and we had some interesting and poignant messages come through for those gathered from their loved ones on the other side.

A personal favourite of mine is when pets appear and this event did not disappoint – we had a return visit from a friendly giraffe and our first pet goat ! 



As we celebrate the festive season we are also moving out of the energy of 2017 (a “1” global year) into the new energy of a “2” Global Year.

However adding the numbers 2+0+1+8 the total comes to an 11 – a Master Number – so we are actually looking at the energies of the 11 and the 2 for 2018.

Since 11 is a master number this year can signal a time to  access your own personal mastery.

It can help you to bring your spiritual essence into the physical realm.

11 is about being a visionary, leading and inventing or dreaming up ideas and projects. Being a double ‘1’ means you have double the power and double the focus.You can be the Trailblazer this year and lead others forward into a new awareness or paradigm.This year can also be about combining two strands of interest or work in your life and creating a double pathway forward for yourself or focusing on a joint effort to achieve two main goals.

The “2” numerology is about working together within a partnership and how we can work with others in order to bring about change or achieve our goals. Often this can mean the need to examine our ability ability to ask and receive and to be willing to accept help rather than go it alone.

The “2” energy  is also about receptivity and sensitivity – so listening skills are highlighted, as is peaceful communication.

This is the second year of a nine year cycle so things that were started last year are still in the birthing process. 2018 is a good year to iron out some of the details without getting bogged down in emotion.

Partnerships of all kinds ( business and love) are also augured with this 2 energy – but pay close attention when you are required to sign on the dotted line – make sure what you are agreeing to is in balance with who you are.

To tie in with 11/2 energy of 2018 I shall be returning to teach at the Mosman Community College in Sydney.

My first workshop in the second month of this 2 year,
on Sunday 18th February,
is an ever-popular and favourite course to begin the year: 


Manifesting Magic in 2018 

Here is some information about the workshop.

As we enter the vibrant energy of 2018 what better way to begin the New Year and set the energy than to learn to use the ancient Hermetic Principles to create everything you desire in the year ahead.
For over 30 years Ruth Phillips has been sharing her knowledge of the Universal Law of Attraction and how it may be used to create change and bring you what you want into your life.
In this one-day workshop Ruth will reveal the three steps that set your free-will into motion and unleash the power inside you to create your life the way you wish it to be. You will learn the hands-on principles of Creative Manifestation that open you up to the infinite possibilities available to you in the Universe.
Visualisation, meditation and mediumistic guidance from your spiritual support will be an integral part of our day. You will create your own vision board in accordance with Feng Shui and spiritual principles which will put into motion the Magic of your life.

The Mosman Community College has published a profile about me on their Facebook Page and students have already begun to book their places. 
This is one of my all time favourite workshops, so if you would like to join me with a group of highly motivated, like-minded people then please

I will be conducting more workshops at the Mosman Community College in 2018  such as  “Dowsing for Beginners” among others so I will let you know of the dates for these. 

Thank you for your support this past year and I look forward to our continued connection throughout 2018.

My very best wishes to you and your loved ones
for a joyous, safe and happy Christmas and an inspiring beginning to the New Year. 


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