Happy New Year

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Dear Light Workers and fellow travellers on the Spiritual Path,

Now that we have entered the new energy of 2012 let us all rejoice as we set our feet on the energetic path of the global “5”  year ahead.

This promises to be a year full of sudden events, surprise happenings, mercurial communications and fast and furious developments.

Put on your running shoes and hang on to your hats everyone!

If you are searching for a way to set your year up for maximum opportunity and the manifestation of your dreams and desires then join me for my first workshop of   the year at  the Mosman Community College on Saturday 11th February.

This one day event called “Living Magically” will help you to learrn  how to harness the Universal Laws of Attraction and bring change into your life. Fore more details go to the workshop page of this website or visit the Mosman Community College website  to register.

Wishing you all a fun-filled year of joy, love, abundance and conscious awareness.

Love and light,

Ruthie Phillips


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