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Happy New Year

Dear Light Workers and fellow travellers on the Spiritual Path,

Now that we have entered the new energy of 2012 let us all rejoice as we set our feet on the energetic path of the global “5” year ahead.

This promises to be a year full of sudden events, surprise happenings, mercurial communications and fast and furious developments.

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The Launch of Colour Alignment

Hello Everyone,
My BIG news for this post is the Launch of a new Colour Therapy called
“Colour Alignment” which brings into being a new Colour Therapy in the form of a boxed set of colour cards and an accompanying booklet.
The Colour Alignment Cards are the inspired creation of myself and Gale Pickles.
Colour Alignment was born of the Light, shining brightly.

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Christchurch Earthquake Disaster

Hlello Everyone,

This is a heartfelt plea to you all to please join with me in sending our thoughts , prayers and love to the people of Christchurch and Lyttelton, who today suffered a massive and devastating earthquake that has caused so much damage , injury and loss of life.

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