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The Passing of Time

It was about eighteen months ago, that Deni visited clairvoyant-medium Ruth Phillips for a reading, seeking amongst other things some career advice. Deni heard about Ruth through a stage manager at Rove Live. On her way into the studio, Deni saw a spiritual presence lurking in a props area outside the studio.

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Making sense of death

Ruth’s aunt explained that the man across the road had died, and that he wouldn’t be around anymore. He explained that people were crying because they couldn’t see him anymore. But Ruth could see him. “I can remember thinking everyone was crazy because the old man was at his window watching the procession too.”

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Working environment for a Clairvoyant Medium

Being a Clairvoyant means that my strongest psychic gift is that of psychic vision, i.e. I see clearly into other “dimensions” including the environment into which we “pass” when we exit this physical existence. In fact, I can describe the type of person I’m “seeing”, many of their personality and physical traits that they possessed when alive, their relationship to my client, and quite often their manner of passing.

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