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Reincarnation and Past Life Lecture and Meditation

Next Evening Monday 9th May – Details coming soon.

You are invited to join Ruth Phillips – Clairvoyant –Medium, Past life Therapist, Teacher, Healer and Colour Therapist for an exclusive evening of exploration at Anahata.

Ruth will discuss the process of reincarnation, our choices for this lifetime and “past” lives, clues as to when and where we have had other lifetimes and how to recognise those who are in our reincarnational group or family.

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Mothers’ Day May 2010

Hello and Welcome,

Here in Australia we are about to celebrate Mothers’ Day. Obviously this is a day set aside to honour mothers and their selfless efforts to nurture and support their children ( of all ages) .

For all women this is a day that can be one of very mixed emotions.

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April Full Moon

Hello and Welcome Everyone,

The full moon is shining brightly through the window as I type this to you all.

As is usual for me at Full Moon, I find myself up in the wee small hours – the strong vibration of the Moon usually wakes me.
The time of Full Moon is the high tide of psychic powers and abilities, with many of us experiencing perceptions and divinations that are very powerful.

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Head in Heaven, Feet on Earth

As a TV Medium and a leading psychic on the hit television series Sensing Murder, Ruth Phillips has seen a lot more than your average person. Ruth Phillips appeared in the premiere episode of the hit program Sensing Murder, which recently started airing on TV2.

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