I talk with dead people every day

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Ruth WilsonRuth Wilson, stewardess and psychic has talked to more than her fair share of dead people – especially as the psychic for Channel Ten’s Scream Test.

During filming, Ruth counselled would-be ghost hunters and picked up on the spiritual history of old buildings, relaying her thoughts to the camera.

Off screen, Ruth says her work doesn’t stop, no matter if she’s in the air, or at home or walking to the shops.

“A lot of people are aware of what we call ghosts, which are in essence entities trapped on the physical plane,” Ruth says.

An interesting encounter took place when she and her young daughter were driving home one night past a traffic accident in Sydney.

“I think we were the first or second car to go past. An ambulance had just arrived and this car had either turned or tipped over. I knew it wasn’t looking good,” Ruth recalls.

“I just made the comment out loud, ‘Oh dear, that was a fatal accident’ and – flash! – this young bloke was in the back seat who didn’t realise he’d passed over. He’d seen my (psychic) light and mistaken it for ‘the light’ you go to when you pass over.

“So here I was, with my five year-old in the front seat going to sleep, a discarnate spirit in my back seat, and nowhere to stop! I didn’t want to take him home with me because then he’d have loved the other (ghost) bloke I already had at home and he’d never have left.

“So I pulled up near my driveway and said, ‘Look, this is what’s happened, I’m really sorry’. I did this ritual and told him who was there, and that he had to go, said a few prayers and then he was all right.”

Ruth says not everyone can talk with the dead, but they can feel a spirit’s presence.

“When there’s a bond of love, people can communicate with those who’ve passed over.

“I equate death with a trip. When most people go overseas they ring home and say it’s okay, I got here all right.

”We still want to contact our loved ones to say, ‘I’m here, it’s all right, someone was there on the other side to meet me’.”

Ruby Lang

[this article first appeared in the Aussie Post, 12 May 2001]

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