Does your home need a spiritual clean?

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buddha-window[1]When most people get their property ready for sale they think of the obvious preparations like painting and fixing up the garden.   Some even bring in the professionals to style their homes with the latest in furniture and accessories to tantalize the last dollar out of prospective buyers.  

For a growing number of sellers, tuning up the spiritual vibes in the home takes them to higher level calling in the spiritualist or medium to cleanse their home of any negative energies.  

Ruth Phillips – a celebrity Clairvoyant-Medium – has worked on a number of properties which have had problems attracting the right buyer.  Ruth uses a number of techniques including the use of smudge sticks and essences to clear old or negative energies.  

“It can be as simple as one partner not wanting to let go of the property, their energy blocking the sale.” Ruth explains, “In some cases there have been resident spiritual entities which have to be moved on to clear the energies.”  

Ruth also provides advice relating to the timing of sales as well as simple placement of furniture to balance energies according to Feng Shui principles.

Ruth has worked with estate agent Sandie Dunne of Mosman’s The White Agency Estate Agents on a number of house clearings.  

“It’s not for everyone, but it certainly has helped vendors come to term with a number of issues with their property.”  Sandie explains. 

“Ruth is very professional and looks more like a corporate executive with her impeccable presentation and style.”

Ruth has been on a number of Television shows including Rove Live, Good Morning Australia and Everyone’s a Psychic (Foxtel) and she has many celebrity clients who consult with her on a regular basis.

2 thoughts on “Does your home need a spiritual clean?”

  1. hi i own a house at Grose Vale for the past 34 years i lived there for 24 years have had a run of tenants in it since then. I love this place but ever since i have owned it loads of things go wrong mainly in the divorce/ violent stuff. it seems to hate men
    all of the tenants have either lost their jobs, or seperate then turn on the place and mess it up badly. I go back clean it up again polish it and she smiles feels soft again not dark and hard. I really need to sell this place can you suggest something

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